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Name:Cult of Prawn
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We are the Cult of Prawn. Our motto: Prawned minds think alike.

And some other prawny silliness:

Mmmm. Prawn.

Prawn. It's what's for dinner.

High in protein. Low in het.

Farm Fresh.

The Other, Other White Meat.

Got Prawn?

If you've got the Prawn, I've got the Brains. Let's make lots of money.

Gives good prawn.

Prawn waits for no man.

Our fandom smells like prawn.

One True Prawn

It's a thing.

Interests (8):

ian's fan club, man nipples, one true prawn, phone sex, shippy sue, steve the monkey, vive la bexistance, wall around my pants
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